Madison Professional Office Complex, LLC

Madison Professional Office Complex
309 NE Marion Street
Madison, Florida
28,178 SF

The property is being repurposed to an executive professional office building with small unit size and efficient space configuration. Post pan-demic small and efficient office space is in strong demand. Smaller units also demand higher rental rates per square foot. There is no similar product type in the immediate market. This provides a strong alternative for businesses looking to maintain an office presence but with a smaller office space total square footage. The low acquisition price presents an opportunity to do an extensive and appealing renovation that will attract tenants and higher rental rates. Rental rates of $16.00 to $20.00 per square foot will be sought upon completion of this renovation.

Property Features

Property Type: Office
Lot: .92 Acre
Construction Type: Masonry Block and Brick Gabled Metal Roof
Renovation: Building reconfigurations associated with repurposing the facility from its original hospital/assisted living utilization to an executive office professional building
Renovation: New HVAC for all building areas
Renovation: Upgrades to unit interiors inclusive of repainting, new floor covering, new baseboard, new door casing, new lighting, new ceiling tiles, new air conditioning systems, new vanity and restroom fixtures as applicable.
Renovation: New Landscaping
Renovation: New Exterior painting
Renovation: Sealcaoitng parking lot
Renovation: New Parking Lot and Building Lighting
Renovation: Painting of the buildings exteriors.

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