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Saint Lucie County ranks # 4 in growth in the United States as per recent analysis by the US News and World Report. For the second year in a row, has recognized Port St. Lucie as one of the 10 best cities in the U.S. for job growth, saying that retiring baby boomers in Florida are creating an increasing need for services that create jobs.

Port St. Lucie has been getting increased attention nationally in recent years for its many successes and for its opportunities. It has been acknowledged by Bloomberg Business, Investor’s Business Daily, Forbes, The Wall Street Journal and other organizations for job growth, potential business growth, housing growth and the quality of life available

The boating industry is a major component of the economic base in the submarket directly adjacent to the subject. Boating manufacturing and repair companies are performing well with potential for greater employment with continuing improvement in the economy. Maverick Boat Company operates a manufacturing facility in the submarket employing 450 people. The company just completed a major expansion of their manufacturing facilities with a major increase in production with the construction of a new 277,000 square foot production facility that has just opened. Pursuit Boats manufactures a line of boats near the subject. Pursuit Boats has recently expanded their production capacity threefold and has built a new 773,000 square foot manufacturing facility on their 100-acre campus. This company employs 600 people. These are major manufacturers in the boating business with well-known brands in the maritime industry that are being manufactured in warehouse facilities near the subject.

A new 13-acre mega yacht repair center is being constructed near the subject creating 900 jobs over the next several years. Derektor is moving its corporate headquarters to Fort Pierce as part of this repositioning by this company. The wealth associated with the large yacht business and its owners should be felt and multiply through the immediate business community.

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