Monticello Industrial Complex, LLC

Monticello Industrial Complex
2854 North Jefferson Street
Monticello, Florida
13,872 SF

Renovation of the building should facilitate the leasing of the office warehouse property at or near $9.00 per square foot. Additionally the proposed extension and expansion of the fenced storage areas via of paving grass areas associated with the undeveloped 1.5 acres and the fencing of this area will generate additional rental income for the property.

Property Features

Property Type: Warehouse/Flex Space
Lot: 2.9 Acres
Electrical: Three Phase Electric
Construction Type: Combination of Metal Frame with Metal Siding and Masonry Block with exterior finish of Brick
Loading Docks: Six with Overhead Doors
Renovation: Parking lot expansion, sealcoating and resurfacing
Renovation: Removal of old refrigeration equipment
Renovation: Replacement of bad metal roof panels
Renovation: Replacement of bad metal siding panels
Renovation: Extension of pavement and fenced area to encompass the entirety of the property thus increasing storage rental income
Renovation: Installation of security lighting
Renovation: Repaint Building Exteriors
Renovation: Installation of Monument and Façade Signage
Renovation: Repairs to soffits
Renovation: Landscaping improvements
Renovation: Upgrades to unit interiors inclusive of repainting, new floor covering, new baseboard, new door casing, new lighting, new ceiling tiles, new air conditioning systems, new vanity and restroom fixtures as applicable

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