Okeechobee Office Warehouse Complex

Okeechobee Warehouse Office Complex
2007 & 2101 Okeechobee Rd
Fort Pierce, Florida
10,943 SF

Great Location being directly on Okeechobee Road and having 383 lineal feet of frontage. Near Indian River State College and Fiske Boulevard I-95 Intersection. This location offers plenty of room to park and have plenty of access to major highways.

Property Features

Property Sq. Ft. 10,943 Sq. Ft.
Property Type: Office/Warehouse Complex
Parcel Size: 1.50 Acres
Property Configuration: 4 Buildings
Bldg-1 : 2,784 Sq. Ft.
Bldg-2: 1,950 Sq. Ft.
Bldg-3: 2,860 Sq. Ft.
Bldg-4: 3,399 Sq. Ft.
Construction: 4 Buildings
Bldg-1: CB Stucco
Bldg-2: Metal
Bldg-3: Firm Stucco
Bldg-4: CB Stucco
Utilities: City Water & Sewer FP&L
Building Height: Single Story
Zoning: General Commercial

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