Identifying the Property

Searching for properties that meet the criteria set by buyer

  • The company specializes in locating, assisting in purchase, renovating and rebranding of underutilized, undermanaged, and under occupied commercial real estate and curing deferred maintenance and functional obsolescence after purchase as a catalyst to the rebranding, increasing in value and repurposing of the asset to maximize and achieve its highest valuation, cash flow and associated returns.
  • Utilization of various listing services, relationships with other brokers and knowledge of the submarket to find properties that match the requirements of the buyer.
  • Site visits to prescreen and assess suitability of the product for the buyer’s requirements.
  • Research in the public records as to salient attributes of the property such as dimensions, previous sales, construction of the product, setbacks, zoning, and condition of the economic base immediately surrounding the subject as to applicability for the buyer’s overall goals.
  • Assessment of renovation costs, or new construction costs to transform the product to the criteria and requirements of the buyer.
  • Calculation and assessment of operating costs and potential rental pricing in the property were to be used as investment property.
  • Perform long term return and valuation analysis to assess probable outcomes of this investment given a conservative set of assumptions.
  • Perform comparable sales analysis to determine the value of like properties in the submarket.
  • Perform cost depreciation analysis to determine what the replacement cost of the subject would be as compared to the cost of acquisition.
  • Perform income approach analysis to determine the projected valuation would be after the proposed modifications are made to meet buyer’s acquisition criteria and return requirements.

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