Price Determination

Price determination entails assessing the place of the asset in the market. This is all important in pricing the asset to obtain the optimal sales price. To that end the following analysis is done to attain the best result for the client.

  • Valuation services based upon income approach, comparable sales approach and cost depreciation approach to assist the client in putting the correct pricing on the asset.
  • Market analysis to assess trends in the market as to rental rate levels, absorption, changes in the economic base, construction costs and the cost of capital which have long term effects on value.
  • Market research as to demographic characteristics, economic characteristics, lifestyle characteristics as to their long-term effects on value.
  • Forecasting of Demand and Supply Analysis for the product type, and economic base analysis to chart the long-term position of the asset in the marketplace.
  • Performance of gap analysis to determine potential commercial real estate opportunities by finding situations where demand exceeds supply.

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