Property Maintenance

Property maintenance and repairs in conformity with owner’s management plan

  • Work with and supervise independent contractors in maintenance of the property
  • Customized and detailed asset unit and suite reporting system
  • Supervision of alterations, improvements, remodeling, fire restoration, rehabilitation work, and major repairs
  • Property inspections and related reporting
  • Negotiate favorable rates for landlord with independent contractors for maintenance of the property
  • Supervise individual hired to perform daily maintenance of the property
  • Preventive maintenance of property
  • Risk assessment as to insurance requirements of the property
  • Negotiate and procure insurance coverage for buildings and rates for this coverage.
  • Insurance claim processing and support
  • Tax appeal support. Contest real estate tax bills as needed to obtain optimal valuation for taxation purposes.
  • Work with city and county officials to get favorable treatment under the prescribed regulations
  • Zoning, regulatory and governmental code compliance assistance
  • Inspect building and property for areas that need repair
  • Project and construction management
  • Purchase supplies and make necessary repairs, alterations, and decorations
  • Execute contracts for ordinary repairs, maintenance, cleaning, landscape maintenance, and operation of the property.
  • Make purchases and let bids (minimum 2) for necessary labor and materials at lowest possible cost as in its judgment is consistent with good quality workmanship and service standards.
  • Inspect property regularly (one time per week) and present recommendations to owner regarding physical condition, so as to maintain the property at a high standard of physical appearance, efficiency, functionality and cleanliness.
  • Vendor administration
  • Accounts payable and cash flow management
  • Repairs and maintenance oversight
  • Maintenance contract bidding and supervision

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