Reporting to Client

The client shall be provided with a customized detailed accounting and financial reporting, and reports and to leasing and the physical condition of the property. Utilization of specialized commercial property management software to optimize the level of quality information for maximizing the efficient of the property management and review of performance by the client. The reporting shall contain the following:

  • Written condition report
  • Facilities maintenance reporting
  • Leasing reporting
  • Receivables status
  • Budgets and long-term assessment of valuation and goals evaluation via a multitude of analysis modalities on a regular basis
  • Marketing report
  • Leasing activity report
  • Projected capital expenses
  • Summary of the months management activity
  • Rent roll
  • Accounting
    • Balance sheet
    • Income statement
    • Cash flow statement
    • Trial balance statement
    • Cash disbursements report
    • Financial projections and budgets
    • Delinquency and accounts receivable reports

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