Review Offer

Review of offer and assistance in contract terms modification and contract negotiation

  • Review of important business terms in buyer’s offer such as price, length of due diligence, contingencies, items requested in due diligence, ability of Seller to lease or modify the property during due diligence, title insurance, and financing. The response of seller to buyer’s terms and conditions will be tailored and recommendations provided to Seller as to the best presentation of the counteroffer as applicable.
  • During the process of working through the contract the buyer may request certain changes to the contract and business terms. The firm will recalculate and reassess these changes to see how they will affect profitability, usefulness of the property, and long-term values if agreed to and as applicable help the seller formulate a well thought out counter. This process will go back and forth until a final contract is developed or the parties agree to not move forward. At such time the firm will try to find another appropriate buyer to acquire the property from the client.

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