Environmentally Oriented

vscre  /   June 12, 2020

The acquisition criteria for Charles A. Von Stein, Inc. is to find underutilized properties where the full potential of the important attributes of the commercial property to the commercial tenant base can be fully realized through thoughtful value engineered renovation, consumer-oriented management practices, and aggressive marketing to lease up the property post renovation. There is an additional dividend from this approach as well, facilitating a healthier planet.

How many times do you drive through a section of a piece of Florida and see blight, underutilized, undermanaged, and neglected properties with a feeling of can’t we as human beings do better? Yes we can as people and as business people not only help the environment by utilizing existing properties more efficiently but this can be profitable as investors as well. Being a good citizen can be good business. If a property is fundamentally sound as to its characteristics as to visibility, parking, location and basic design, all that may be needed to make this property stand out is a face lift that when creatively designed will create more value than the underlying cost. Contributing to the greater good and making lots of money doing it is a win win transaction at all levels. The firm focuses on these types of property acquisitions as a means to generate profit, appreciation and wealth for its clients. However, a dividend of such is improving the communities and planet on which we live.

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