Tenant Spotlight: U-HAUL

vscre  /   October 12, 2022

Welcome back to the second-ever posting for CAVS-related Press Releases! This segment is called Tenant Spotlight and will be a recurring story when national-level leases are signed. Without further ado, today we are highlighting U-Haul.

U-Haul: a name that is ubiquitous with the DIY mover. With more than 22,000 truck and trailer-sharing locations, they are the largest all-in-one self-moving solution in the United States. U-Haul first opened its doors in 1945 and was founded by Sam and Anna Mary Shoen. The originally purchased trailers were referred to as “Junkers” and frequently broke down. Through perseverance, however, by the end of 1949, a trailer could be rented in most cities. The company has seen considerable success in the following years becoming what it is today. Beyond just truck and trailer rentals, U-Haul also provides boxes and packing supplies as well as self-storage. Here are some interesting moving facts.

  • About 75% of movers are DIY
  • Approximately 45% of moves happen between Memorial Day and Labor Day
  • U-Haul owns over 122,000 Trucks
  • 15+Million people move every summer.

These are the kind of numbers that keeps U-Haul growing year after year. CAVS is proud to have the trust of such a large, recognized brand added to its ranks of leases.

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